About Us

Shemaure Patisserie

Shemaure Patisserie started as a home based business operation in Jakarta, Indonesia. Departing from our kitchen, we worked on customer orders with happiness. In our journey, we continue to expand our business by creating new recipes according to todays demands and improved technology.

Then we created “La Pate a Choux” for all the patisserie lovers, that we made with love and our dedication to art of food, which is our creativity in processing traditional recipes into modern concept with the unique taste and attractive apperance in the mall, we can always share happiness with everyone who comes taste the difference.

So Here We Are ….

“La Pate a Choux by Shemaure Patisserie” is a local brand that will always be friends and family, with the same passion and service in every growing relationship and will give you the happiness moments by sharing with your loved ones.