The patisserie market continue to grow both in terms of volume and value. The market value of patisserie retail has grown and will continue to increase again in the coming years. The most important thing in patisserie industry is Fresh-Baked, Unique Taste, and Natural Ingredients. These are the key factors, that consumer consider when buying patisserie product. It is a challenge for us to adapt to consumer expectations and fullfil their needs for product fresh-baked, unique taste, and the natural ingredients that provide a delighting taste experience.

Upcoming consumer trends and market survey results are creates delicious patisserie in an industrial way. In other words, all patisserie that will look like its creator. What the differentiates us from the competitors is the fact that we never copy, we make our own unique creations that we present who we are. Which is also supported by food packaging design, the importance of hygienic, and optimal ingredient interaction.

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